I saw a girl while sitting on the bus today
and got very inspired by her style,
so I really wanted to draw something inspired by her.
Please don't copy withouth asking me first! :)

Bournemouth nr 18: A good day

Today I went to the cinema with two friends and watched
Endless Love, which was... alright. Not great, not too bad.
A bit too cheesy at times, but nothing I would refuse to see again.
Then we met up another friend, bought something to drink
(I was extremely thirsty after the salty pop corn I
had at the cinema) and went to the beach.
It was such a lovely day; sunny and lots of people.
Haha, this picture makes me happy
Now, in the evening, I've been amusing myself by
building a café/restaurant/night club in the Sims.
The result isn't perfect, but I'm pretty happy with it,
so I wanted to share it with someone;
Overlook of the whole building
Restaurant/fancy part