Bournemouth nr 36: Parkour

Something that I haven't mentioned here on the blog
is that I've started doing parkour.
Or well, trying to do parkour.
It the basics, basically (lol), nothing advanced.
For those who've never heard of parkour,
it's about getting around outside as quickly as possible;
getting over obstacles and stuff.
We practice inside (thank god) doing roll overs,
balancing and jumping over box horses (plintar).
It really is fun - challenging, but fun.
The place that hold the parkour classes.

Bournemouth nr 35: Wheels Festival

Last weekend the Wheels Festival was in Bournemouth.
 The town was packed with people. Getting anywhere was hard.
There was a ramp at the pier where some guys
were skating and biking and making people cringe
because it looked so scary.
Monster trucks! I never saw them jump, sadly,
but I got to see when the motorbikers were jumping in the air, so that's fine.
Someone was selling light lanterns in form of
fishes and elephants. Cute!