Bournemouth nr 22: Having a cold

I'm sick.
For the first time this year, I think, actually.
It was bound to happen sometime, I guess.
Soo, I'm just sitting in bed, still in pyjamas,
watching episode after episode of swedish programmes;
"Berg & Meltzer i Amerika" and "Partaj".
I realised I really enjoy them, actually.
"Top Model Sverige" is also a favourite, but I've watched
all the episodes you can watch so far, so now I have to wait.
I think my idyllic idea of being sick has been crushed
a little bit, though. I always imagine it's gonna be
nice to just lay around in bed, eat whatever you want
and do nothing. And sure, it has a good side to it,
but you can't really enjoy it all...
because you feel crap.
Ok, I'm getting better, but my head is heavy,
I'm sweating all the time and my throath is soar.
This is what I'm watching at the moment;


Ok, here comes some late pictures from
my trip to Amsterdam the 16th to 19th March.
This was our hostel, situated in the big park called "Vondelpark".
On the first day we took a free city tour through the city.
If I'm not mistaken, this little red house in the middle is the smallest
house in Amsterdam. The guide told us that the man who lives
there is taller than the house is wide.
On the second day we looked around in a lot of shops,
walked through the flower market and visited the Anne Frank museum.
After the Anne Frank museum we tried the dutch speciality "Poffertjes",
which are small pancakes. It was very tasty, of course.
On the third day we visited lots of museums and art galleries.
My favourite was the Stedelijk Art museum, where the
picture above is taken.
On the forth and very last day of our trip,
we visited this windmill. Sadly, you could not visit the inside.
Then we walked to the Science center "Nemo",
which was an interesting, but overcrowded, place.
We ended our trip with a canal cruise through
the city. It was beautiful.

Bournemouth nr 21: Things I've been eating

Just a few of the things I've been eating in
various restaurants here in England.
(Note: May not be the moste appropriate post
for those hungry people out there :)
Pizza in the Pinocchio themed restaurant here in Bournemouth.
Penne with giant meatballs in Portsmouth.
Japanese food (verrry tasty) in "Nippon Inn".
Mmmm. I don't remember the name of this pasta dish,
but it was good, eventhough it may not look like that on the picture.
Turkish time!
And a dessert for once! Waffle with syrup and ice cream.
Very good, but come on... that portion was too small.